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 Chapter 14: I'm All Alone....Or Not?

 Lady shivered. She felt cold. Ice cringed in her blood. What was wrong with her? Why did she do this? Why did she continue to do this? It wasn't like her. She could stop it. It felt so...good though. What use was it to her? They were gone now. They probably didn't know where she was.

 I can control myself, Lady thought. Control. Don't fear. I'm ok. It's all good. I don't need anybody.

 She had no clue where she was going. She was up in some sort of snow area, with a few trees but she was climbing on a mountain. Night time clouded the sky, signaling mobs to come out.

 What is it with me? Lady thought. This is not like me. I never intended to hurt them. I don't want to hurt anyone. Maybe I should just go and be by myself. What is wrong with me? Why do I keep remembering? And why do I keep hurting everyone I love...this isn't me...

The snow started to pile on her feet. Lady thought that pretty soon, ice would start to form on every step, feeling the dreaded fear of her cold, black heart.

 I've got to let it go, Lady thought. I just got to let the past what if they were a part of me? They're gone. It's all over. I couldn't stop them. They were...once something...I actually thought we could be close....we let things get to us though...if she didn't...if I could...

Oh, what's the point," Lady said to herself. "I might as well die here tonight. Let any Creeper come up to me and boom! I need to die! I deserve to die. I'm a freaking griefer! I've killed too many people...Oh, Notch, hear my cry! Send any of the viscous mobs to rain down on me and kill me. I need to be punished. Send me a sign..."

 Something ttsss...

 Lady turned. Creeper, she thought. Well, better to get it done now than ever.

 The "tsss" noises were getting closer. Lady snuck little by little to it. Just a few more inches and she'll be close to death...

 A little Creeper stuck its head out at her. "Kill me!" Lady pleaded. The Creeper just stared at her. It didn't do nothing but walked around.

 I must be in a creative server, Lady thought. That's why it's not trying to go after me. Maybe if I punch it...

 Lady raised her fist. She hit the Creeper. The Creeper hissed and turned around.

 That's it! Lady cheered. Do your worst! I don't care. Kill me. Hit me with all the boom you got! I...

The Creeper exploded and Lady flew back. She landed in the snow, a couple of health points dropped. That's not enough...I need more...

She got up and started to look for any mob that could kill her. "Kill me! Someone, please do!"

 She then kneel down to the ground. Oh, how it use to be fun back was just us...we were all just friends...we never meant any trouble...until she came. She ruined it all for us. Well, it was still something fun but we never thought it would come to this. It wasn't suppose to be harmful...we didn't mean to really hurt people...

Lady sighed. The thundering cold wind kept blowing at her. If she could stay there, she would. She would let the snow pile up on her or let the wind morph her into a column of ice. Either one was better. It would lead to death quicker for her.

 She lifted her head up. There were no other mobs spotted. She got up and again started to look for some.

 Where did I land on anyway? Lady thought. All she remembered was killing Vitali, the vampire Skylord. She also killed Jasper and Lysander. After she blew up half of Skyhold, Lady realized the horror of what she done. She then remembered the Yogscast Lab. It was then there that she realized she was dead...they were going to go after her and execute her.

 "Well, better them to kill me," Lady said. "I deserve it. I mean, I did blew up their lab...killed half of them...I mean, my death would be their revenge. I would be dead, it'll end my suffering and it'll end their revenge. Win-win."

 She walked a couple steps up another mountain. "Oh, where are the mobs now? Anyone around here? Why can't I just...whoa!"

 She slipped and fell, a couple blocks down. A Creeper turned its head. TTssss.

 Lady smiled. Excellent. She ran up to the Creeper and hit it. The Creeper hissed and headed toward her.

 "You want a piece of me?" Lady asked, her face forming into a crazed look. "Try to catch me, Creeper! I ain't scared of you! Come and get me! Go on! Kill me!"

 She began to climb up the mountain again. "Look right here, Creeper. Blow up in my face! I dare you! Come on! What? You"

 She stood frozen.

 "You're no fun!"

 "Aww, chill. Come on, we were just playing!"

 "You're suppose to throw the slime at him! Not me!"

 "Quick being a whiny, baby. Heads up!"

 "Whoops! Almost got me."

 "I wish this day wouldn't end."

 "The sun's almost down. Last one to their house is a rotten chicken!"

 "Or duck?"



"My...friends..." Lady whispered. She looked up. The Creeper was near about to blow up in front of her. She stepped back a little and then fell...hard. She felt herself rolling back, hitting her sharp edge of the mountain jagging in her. The pain felt good though. She needed it. It felt like revenge for anyone that she killed.

 She took another roll back and hit the ground. One tiny little heart was left beating. She felt like passing out.

 The Creeper turned to head her way but an arrow whizzed by. Hssss. The Creeper turned around to see where the arrow was coming from. Another one hit the Creeper's face.

 Lady's eyes began to slowly close. She saw the Creeper being taken down by two people with swords clashing at it.


 She looked up. A girl's bright green eyes loomed down at Lady. "Are you ok? Hey, guys! We've got a person here! They need help! Don't worry, we'll save you! I'm JakIIFan. You can call me Jaki though. What's yours?"

 Lady breathed in and out. "Lady...I'm Lady..."

 She then closed her eyes.

 Hey, we've got a new character! JakIIFan :iconjakiifan: You don't mind if I call you that right? Or do you prefer Skye?

 I feel like this is a Frozen moment...if anyone seen the movie...only this is a lot of intentional...and struggling...

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